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MT80 IURI AKOBIA (1.02.2017)


The Commission of Chess Composition of Georgia and the , Union Argentina of

Problematicists of Chess (UAPA) announces a composition tourney (studies) in

homage to, Iuri Akobia

The thematic tournament are related to the content of the three books of Iuri

Akobia, http://akobiachess.gol.ge/BOOKS.html namely:

Section A) Studies with stalemate - Judge: David Gurgenidze

Section B) Studies with mate - Judge: David Gurgenidze

Section C) Studies with positional draw - Judge: Mario G. García

Send the studies before 1-2-2017 to the Director: Mario G. García :

marioggarcia@gmail.com - Not more that three problems per composer in each

section (joint works allowed)

Prizes: The books of Iuri Akobia to the winners in relation with each of the

thematic sections, and diplomas –

The preliminary award will be sent to all participants and can see in the website of

the UAPA http://www.problemistasajedrez.com.ar/