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Joaquín Pérez de Arriaga -85 (JPA 85 JT) (31.08.2017)

The Sociedad Española de Problemistas de Ajedrez (SEPA) organizes a jubilee tourney for endgames studies to celebrate the 85th birthday of the Spanish composer Joaquín Pérez de Arriaga (JPA 85 JT), lecturer, columnist and author of books on Reti, Cesolis and Lucena. 
Judge: Luis Miguel González.
No set theme.
A maximun of three studies per composer and joint composition are allowed. 
Submission deadline: 31.08.2017.
Five money prizes will be awarded:
1st classified: 250 €;
2nd classified: 150 
3rd classified: 100 €
4ª and 5ª classified: 50 €
as well as other prizes, honourable mentions and commendations.
The preliminary award of the tourney will be sent to the participants per e-mail and will be published in Problemas (January 2018).
Send your original endgame studies to the Tourney Director José Miguel Quesada (Spain): j_m_quesada@hotmail.com