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Gligor Denkovski Memorial Tourney (31.03.2017)

Gligor Denkovski Memorial Tourney

To commemorate the 70th birthday of Gligor Denkovski (20 August 1946 – 15 January 2015), a formal composing

tourney is announced in three sections.

Section A: Orthodox proof games, showing a combination of at least one typical retro theme and at least one theme or

motif traditionally seen in other problem genres. See examples in PDF. Judge: Kostas Prentos

Section B: Orthodox helpmate threemovers (h#2.5–3) with free theme. Judge: Nikola Predrag

Section C: Orthodox selfmates (s#2–n) with free theme. Judge: Miodrag Mladenović

Closing date for all sections is 31 March 2017. Entries should be sent to Ivan Denkovski, email: denkovski@hotmail.com

The awards will be published in a special publication, which will be sent to all participants. Prizes (books) are provided

for the best entries.