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JT70 MARIO G. GARCIA 2018 (22.06.2018)


The Argentinian´s Union of Problemists of Chess announces the tournament of

composition JT70 Mario Guido García

Studies- Sections: A) Thematic: Culmination in mate with Knight or Bishop in

the center of board (black King located in any of the 16 central squares) ; B)

Theme free in two sections : B.1.) Win and B.2.) Draw - Judge : Mario G. García


Problems – Sections : 2# – 3# - N# – (#4 a #6 ) and (#7 a more moves) - If the

number of miniatures are significant, they will be evaluated in a special section-

Judge : Mario G. García

Will be awarded: -Prizes , honourable mentions , commendations and special

nominations will be awarded.- The provisional award , will be available in the

website of the UAPA http://www.problemistasajedrez.com.ar/ , and will be sent to

all participants by e-mail. Not more than three studies or problems per composer

for each section - Send to director Felipe Guanca

<torneo@problemistasajedrez.com.ar> Closing date: 22th june 2018